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This is my 3rd digest of Who Are You? I can’t seem to get away from this topic because it is so near and dear to my heart.

I think that for years from my early childhood my parents instilled in me to always be thinking of what others will think about my actions, what I’m doing, what I’m saying, what I’m wearing.  Because of that attitude, I spent my entire life worrying what others think and would be labelled ‘people pleaser’.  It never seemed to matter what I thought or felt about the situation, it was all about what someone else thought or felt about the situation.

Over the past 1 1/2 years, I have been in the discovery of WHO I am really.  Who is my true authentic self.  I’m happy to say my family has survived it though it was questionable for a time.

To delve into the question of WHO you really are, you first have to set intentions of what you want the outcome to really be.

To set an intention is to hold yourself accountable to your actions.  To start on my journey of finding out WHO I really am, I started journal-ling. It’s called ‘MY PRIVATE JOURNAL’.  The intention of this was to allow me the privacy that no one else would ever read it.  To my knowledge no one has. 🙂

Each day my intention was to search my inner-self for my true feelings about whatever situation or circumstance that was on my mind that day.  I called it ‘How Do I Feel’ exercise.  It helped me to truly authentically capture how I felt about a situation truthfully without any fear or worry of judgement of someone else or what someone else might say about my true feelings.

By doing this I was able to find myself and find out WHO I really am.  I am also able to communicate my true feelings to others without worry of judgement.  I wear what I enjoy, I speak my heart and I do what makes me happy.  When we can be honestly true to ourselves, we are being the best that we can possible be and THAT makes our shine come forth for others to see.

What are you intentions?  What thought provoking activity will you engage in to find your true self?  What thoughts do you have about yourself?  Are they true authentic thoughts? Or opinions others have put into your head?

Food for thought…you have the power within you to be who YOU want to be.