Focus Focus Focus

Ever having a bad day where nothing seems to be going right?  People yelling to the left of you or yelling to the right or maybe all around?Or maybe you can’t seem to get your focus on and concentrate on those priorities?  And feeling bogged down in the mounting list of tasks before you?

Take a moment and breathe.  Deep in and blow out.  Close your eyes and remember a time when you felt the happiest and most satisfied.  A vacation, a memory of your children or maybe a childhood memory you are fond of.

Take 5 minutes and try this exercise and you will see it helps you refresh, refocus and re-energize.

If you can’t do this at your desk/office, then go to the bathroom or a conference room or somewhere you can have some privacy.

Sit with your legs down, feet slightly apart, hands on your thighs, eyes closed. As you sit there feel the calm coming in and relaxing your body.  Let go of every stressful thought that is invading your mind and body.  If you can put on some relaxing calming music very low in the background or on headphones.

Think about your feet, your toes.  Relax them, wiggle your toes a little, then feel them moving into a relaxed state.  Think about your ankles and relax the muscles.  Moving up to your calves, contract the muscles slightly and relax.  Feel the relaxation moving up into your knees and thighs.  Feel the stress leaving your body.

Think about your core, rib-cage and chest and breathe deep and let it out slow feeling a deeper relaxation come over you.

Now move into your fingers, move them around a little bit and relax them feeling the stress leave your fingertips.  Moving up your arm into your triceps, relax your entire arm all the way to your fingertips.

Deep breathe in, blow it slowly out.  Think about your back starting at the bottom of your spine and relax those muscles, moving up your spine, think about each vertebrae and relax.

Moving into your shoulder blades, and shoulders, feel that stress that is tightening up your shoulders, let them droop and relax.  Breathe deep, blow it slowly out.  Feel the stress leaving your body.

Continuing up into your neck and scalp.  Focus on relaxing your neck, slowly roll it starting right, moving it back, to the left and back to the front again very slowly.  Reverse the action and now roll it starting left, moving to the back and to the right very slowly.  If you find this hard to do, then only do what you can.  The idea here is to relax.

Tip your head to the left slowly, relaxing your neck and shoulders.  Feel the relax going into your neck and shoulders and releasing the stress.  Now tip your head slowly to the right feeling the muscles stretching and relaxing.  Bring your chin down into your chest slowly and stretch your neck.  Breathe in breath out slowly.

Think about your scalp and relax any stress there.  Feel relaxation seeping into your scalp going all the way down your neck, shoulders, back, into your arms and fingers, down your legs all the way to your toes.  Breathe in, breathe out slowly.

Sit in this relaxed state for a few minutes being in the moment, count down from 10 to 1 and open your eyes slowly.  Sit for a few minutes regaining your bearings and realize the relaxed state your in.  You will feel refreshed, regenerated, re-energized and able to refocus on the task ahead.

Please feel free to leave feedback on your experience and whether it helped.