Have you seen the new Disney movie ‘BRAVE’? If you haven’t I recommend this movie for anyone who thinks one person can’t make a difference.

Brave Link – here’s the link if you are interested…


This movie is about a young girl who sees life differently than her mom.  She is wild, carefree and loves her bow and arrows.  Her mom thinks she should learn the ways of being royalty and one day becoming queen.  Merida wouldn’t mind becoming queen I think, but she doesn’t see being queen the same as her mom.

Merida stands up for what she thinks is right and doesn’t back down from it at all.  She makes a mess of things in the middle of her bravery, but she doesn’t let that stop her from pursuing her dreams and destiny.  In the end she brings about the peace that her parents sought to bring by her marrying one of the prince’s in the other clans and shows the leader and hero that she is.

What are the norms that hold you back from being who you are created to be?

What lies have you told yourself regarding your passions and your dreams?

Do you think you’re not good enough for your passions, dreams and goals?

Do they seem too far away or unattainable?

How willing are you to fight for your dreams and passions?  What length are you willing to go to?

I will be honest, I watch these heroic movies and I’m always in awe of their bravery and persistence to reach their goals and dreams.  Sometimes I feel that I could never be that brave or courageous.

However, through my own self-development and God’s help, I’ve been able to see who I have been created to be and no matter what I will not stop pursuing it.

For a long time I believed that one person couldn’t really make a difference in the world.  There’s so many people, so many medias, so much information…how could one person possibly make a difference?  Especially if that person is going against the grain of what is popular and ‘normal’.

For me, I have realized that I can make a difference in people’s lives.  I can be the brave one who stands up for those who are not strong enough to stand for themselves.  I can empower others to see that their dreams and passions are not dead.  They can be realized!

I am living my life courageously, fearlessly and passionately! No more will I submit to normal! I want to be uniquely creatively me!

It all starts with you.  You have to make the choice!  You have to do some deep soul searching and find those dreams that have been sitting in the corner gathering dust and cobwebs. 

What will you do?  What is your dream? What is your passion?