Have you ever thought about the power of the words you speak?  Your tongue has the power to speak life or speak death.  What are the words you’re speaking saying about you?

I will admit I grew up in a household where negative thoughts and words ruled and for a long time I myself thought I was unworthy, ugly and stupid.  This is because of the words that were spoken over me day after day as a little girl.  As I grew up, I continued that trend only I was the one speaking those words over myself not realizing how untrue they really were.

It wasn’t until I met my bestfriend and soulmate Chip Conrad in 1995 who helped me realize and see the beauty of life around me and within me.  He speaks life into me and helps me realize day after day that God created me beautiful and I have a purpose and a destiny here on Earth.

I have also found out that I am intelligent. 🙂 This was a huge revelation to me because I always thought I wasn’t really that smart even though I pretty much got straight As until high school.

The words you speak over yourself, your spouse, your friends, your children and even those maybe you don’t like so much really do have power.  They have the power to encourage, lift, exhort and exemplify. They also have the power to put down, discourage and kill.

It’s all up to you.  It’s all about choice.  What words will you choose to speak from your mouth?  How would speaking positive words for an entire day feel like?  How many lives would be impacted by the life you speak out of your mouth?

It reminds me of the commercial long ago (70s or 80s).  It was a conditioner commercial where she told 2 friends who told 2 friends who told 2 friends and so on.

The power of your words spreads and multiplies whether it is positive or negative.  Let’s be the change we’re all looking for and speak life into someone’s life today!

How can you be a change agent today?  What words will you speak?

If you’re at a loss for words or don’t feel like you can speak positively, I recommend the book ‘Commanding Your Morning’ by Cindy Trimm.

Look for ways you can speak life into your situation, your life, your family, your co-workers, your spouse, your children.  Try it out…see what a difference the power of words can be in your life.

I would love to hear your testimonies and experiments and how they turn out.