What is Coaching
Coaching is a term used a lot today in business, corporations, life and sports to name a few.

The definition by Webster is:
life coach; noun; an advisor who helps people make decisions, set and reach goals, or deal with problems.

I would say this is not completely accurate.  Instead of help, I would say a coach empowers a person to realize they have unlimited potential and helps them through empowering questions (sometimes very difficult questions) to realize and fulfill their goals and dreams.

I don’t consider myself an advisor because as a coach, I don’t make judgment calls on whatever the issue, goal or dream is that the client wants to achieve.  My focus is on the client’s thought process, their actions and their potential to reach their desires, their dreams and their goals.

So through internal reflection and helping the client change their thought process, I coach them and help them find solutions to get where they want to go.