Early morning July 4th this year, I turned on the TV to see if Independence Day was playing a marathon on some channel.  For some reason I like to watch that movie on July 4th much like we watch Christmas movies during the Christmas season.

However, when the TV turned on, the channel it was on was playing this movie.  At first, I was like what is this?  But then as I watched, I was amazed and I was changed. I was so moved by what he went through.  He had to get to the very end of himself to realize what he needed to do.

The premise behind this movie is that this guy, Eddie Murphy, finds himself with a ‘life’ tree in his backyard full of growth and many leaves.  What he finds out very quick is that every word he speaks or writes a leaf falls off the tree.  

The root behind the story; sorry if I give it away, is forgiveness.  He must forgive what has happened in his past in order to live.

This is what I want to talk about today.  When we hold unforgiveness in our heart, our words are skewed towards whatever has happened to cause us to hold unforgiveness.  Unforgiveness turns to anger which turns to bitterness which turns to rage which causes sickness and death.

Our Rabbi at church taught us that unforgiveness is a stronghold in our life which allows the enemy to come in and sabotage the plans God has for you in your life.

Here are some notes I took this morning that really stood out to me.  

“That is just how I am” is a thought the enemy plants in your mind to keep you from repenting 
“I deserve that” is a stronghold
“I’m only saying what is true” is a stronghold and a lie of the enemy
“God doesn’t want me unhappy” is a lie of the enemy to destroy you

When you have strongholds in your life it cuts you off from the blessings God has for you.

Paul says take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ.

Resist the devil and agree with Holy Spirit.

Unforgiveness is a stronghold

You feel you have a right to be bitter against that person.

You have to forgive

Forgiveness is choosing not to charge the other person to their account.  Let God avenge you.

It’s not a favor you’re doing the other person.  It’s to free yourself.  You can’t be free if you hold unforgiveness.

God wants you to walk in victory!  Drive out the demonic forces!  Tear down the strongholds in your life! You can repent! 

Agree with God – confess your sin, forgive those who have hurt you – confession tears down the stronghold of the enemy!

If you hold unforgiveness in your heart against someone, forgive them their grievance! It will free you to be who you are created to be!

If you would like to discuss this further or need help to forgive, please post a comment or message me. I would love to help you in this area and see you free to be who God created you to be!