Recently I started a new position at a new company.  I’m adjusting to my new environment. 🙂

Along the way on this journey, I meet the most amazingly interesting people.  Just recently I have been getting to know one of our safety trainers.  He was a Navy Seal in our military and served in the Vietnam war.  He is 70 years old and looks and acts like someone who is 1/2 his age.

One of his passions is empowering women to be able to defend themselves if they find themselves in a dangerous situation.

I must be honest here.  I call myself a warrior and I talk the brave talk, but when it comes down to it, I often wonder if I would be scared out of my wits to be able to do anything to save myself.

However, one of the things he talks about is being able to put a straw through a raw potato with his bare hands.  This seems unlikely that it could be true.  My first thought was well he is a Navy Seal.  He’s tough.  He’s strong.  He works out. He’s probably practiced this a thousand times.

I had the privledge of the instruction of how to accomplish this.  The key behind putting a straw through a potato is that if you can do that, you can put the same said straw through someone’s jugular and stop them if they are attacking you.

Again, the thought of putting a straw through someone’s jugular is a bit gruesome to me.  I don’t like blood and guts stuff and definitely don’t like hand to hand combat shows or movies.  I shy away from such activity.

I have 3 sons and when the boys were little, my motto was, if your not bleeding, it’s not serious.  Go play.  If it’s bleeding, go see Dad because I can’t handle it.  LOL.  Of course, if something serious happened, I was always right in the middle of the action helping the boys with whatever they needed to fix the issue.  I didn’t really make them go to their Dad.  But I really don’t like blood.

That being said, it is hard for me to imagine jamming a straw in someone’s jugular.

HOWEVER, it’s important to know how to defend yourself should you find yourself in a situation you need to be able to save yourself.

So, the instructions for jamming a straw in a potato.

1. Hold the potato firmly.  Only hold it on the end you will not be jamming the straw through.  PLEASE THIS IS IMPORTANT.  YOU COULD PUT THE STRAW THROUGH YOUR HAND.  That would not be good.

2. Make sure you are holding the straw properly.  You need to wrap your  hand around the top of the straw, but DO NOT cover the top of the straw if that makes sense.  Make sure you allow enough room at the bottom of the straw for it to go all the way through the potato.

3. Jam the straw in the potato with as much force as you can.  AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE STRAW THROUGH YOUR HAND! Pay close attention to where you are looking on the potato because where you are looking is where the straw will go.

I will tell you, this method works.  At least putting the straw through the potato practice worked.  I was so scared I was going to put the straw through my hand that the first 3 times I tried it, the straw didn’t go all the way through, though it was almost all the way through.  The 4th time I gave it more force because I had more practice and was becoming more confident in the method.  I was able to get the straw all the way through the potato on the 4th try.

I do hope that if I ever find myself in a dangerous situation where I need a straw, that
1. I have a straw on my person
2. I have the nerve to defend myself and
3. that I don’t have to do 4 times.  That would be bad.

I hope this self-defense lesson has been useful to you and that you can go out in confidence that you can defend yourself should you find yourself in a dangerous situation.