This morning’s service was amazing.  Pastor Ray at Cross Timbers Church in Valley View talked about there are 3 voices we listen to and how we can discern which one we are listening to and make the changes necessary to listen to the RIGHT voice.

First off there are 3 voices we can listen to:
God’s voice
satan’s voice – not capitalized on purpose
Flesh voice

Voice of the Lord never pressures us.  He is a gentleman and gives us the choice to listen to Him and His plans for us.  There might be an unction to do what He’s calling us to do, but that is different that feeling pressured by guilt to do something.

The voice of the Lord never brings confusion.  There is peace.  You hear people say I know I heard from the Lord, I have a peace in my heart about it.  Whatever it is.  If you have peace over the situation, then you have heard from the Lord.  If you have confusion over the situation, then you haven’t heard from the Lord yet.  Go back and listen.

The voice of the Lord comes with order.  It also comes with no condemnation.  He may bring convictions that you need to change, but there will be no condemnation.

God will always speak in line with His Word.  His Word is eternal and established.  God will never speak to you about something that goes against His Word.

When we hear God’s voice – fear in our lives is dead and faith will rise up in our spirit.


When we hear God’s voice it renders the past dead and brings life to the future.

God’s voice causes us not to focus on the enemy or on other people.  When we are listening to God’s voice our focus is on Jesus.

When the enemy speaks; there is pressure, fear, confusion, condemnation and doubt.  When we are tired or drained is when the enemy tries to get us to listen to his voice.

When the flesh speaks it is in opposition to God’s word.  It causes you to become offended.  It produces wrong questions.  The wrong question is ‘WHY’.  That is always the wrong question.  You will never get an answer that satisfies.

The right question is Lord what’s next?  What is the next step you want me to take?

When you ask why you are staying in the past.  When you ask what’s next you are allowing God to take you to the next level.

Anytime there is a ‘but’ it is from the flesh.

The voice of the flesh operates on preference.

The voice of flesh is temporal.

The voice of flesh does not submit to authority.

Flesh says no one can tell me how to live my life.

Flesh says you don’t need any counsel.  Flesh says you don’t have to listen to other people.

Someone who operates out of the flesh will have fruit that:
1. Has a life in constant turmoil
2. Unsettleness in their spirit
3. Easy to anger

When hearing God’s Word there is peace, faith and being able to see God’s provision.

Listen for God’s small still voice and be fruitful.