Put Your Dream to the Test – TRANSFORM  YOUR LIFE!

Now that you’ve had a chance to think about the 5 most common reasons people don’t reach their dreams, are you ready to push past those barriers and make your dream a reality?

Over the next posts, we’ll look at each question from John Maxwell’s book, Put Your Dream to the Test.

He has a test inside the book and I recommend you get the book if you are ready to take your dream to the next level.  If you are looking for someone to help you through your dream test and questions, I am happy to assist you.  Please contact me at

The questions we will discuss over the next 10 blog posts are:
1. The Ownership Question: Is my dream really my dream?
2. The Clarity Question: Do I clearly see my dream?
3. The Reality Question: Am I depending on factors within my control to achieve my dream?
4. The Passion Question: Does my dream compel me to follow it?
5. The Pathway Question: Do I have a strategy to reach my dream?
6. The People Question: Have I included the people I need to realize my dream?
7. The Cost Question: Am I willing to pay the price for my dream?
8. The Tenacity Question: Am I moving closer to my dream?
9. The Fulfillment Question: Does working toward my dream bring satisfaction?
10. The Significance Question: Does my dream benefit others?

Today we will look at #1 The Ownership Question: Is my dream really my dream?

Questions to ask yourself to answer whether your dream is really your dream:
Would you be the most pleased person in the world if you accomplish your dream?
Have you publicly shared your dream with other people, especially those you love?
Has your dream been challenged by others and you still embrace it?

T. S. Eliot wrote 
“Whatever you think, be sure it is what you think;
whatever you want, be sure that it is what you want;
whatever you feel, be sure that it is what you feel.”

When you were young, did you parents have a dream for you?  Something they encouraged you to do that wasn’t really something you wanted in life?  Could have been a grandparent that really wanted to see you live out their dreams that they never got to realize. Or a teacher/coach in school that really pushed you in a certain direction.


I will share my experience with this.  My youngest son loved football from a very early age (2 years old).  He used to watch football and say ‘I do it! I do it!’ meaning he wanted to play football.  While it wasn’t my choice of what I wanted him to do, we signed him to play flag football at the age of 6.  You couldn’t play tackle until the age of 7.  He was mad at me because I signed him up for sissy football.  He wanted to tackle.

He played football from age 6 until age 18.  As far as I know he still loves football.  When he was little,  his dream was to play in the NFL.  As his parents, we encouraged him to do his best and we would do everything we could to support him in this.

As he grew older, his dream of being in the NFL changed.  He wasn’t a huge kid or very fast, though he is fast.  He is all heart and passionate.  He is an encourager and a motivator and I’ve seen many a football game changed because of his leadership and charisma.  As his mom, it was very hard for me to allow him to choose a different path.  I had to really evaluate in my heart if I was disappointed because he had changed his dream or because his dream had become my dream for him.  Either way I had to find a way to accept that he wasn’t going to pursue being a NFL football player.

While him being NFL football player was his dream to start with, I adopted it for him and encouraged him and pushed him in that direction.  I had to come to terms with it and release it and allow him to pursue HIS DREAMS.

He is an amazing young man and I want him to pursue HIS dreams.  Not mine.  I encourage all of my children, while I’ve made mistakes in the past, I encourage them to pursue their dreams.  I will do what I can to help them on their path, whatever it might be.  I can’t DO IT for them, but I can encourage them and help keep them motivated to stay the path and pursue their passions and dreams.

In John Maxwell’s book he talks about Arnold Schwarzenegger and how he found and pursued his dream.  And amazing compelling story of how he first found his dream, pursued his dream and realized his dream.

A DREAM IS POSSIBLE ONLY IF YOU OWN IT!!! (from John Maxwell’s book)

From John Maxwell book:
“Think about your personal history.  How have your plans, goals and desires been influenced by others?”

Other questions to consider:
Is is possible that your dreams are the result of:
Who your parents think you are?
Who others think you are?
Who you wish you were?


What is it that drives you? Compels you? That you cannot breathe and live without?  How passionate about your dream are you?  How much are you willing to pay (with your life, your funds, etc) to pursue your dreams?

From John Maxwell’s book:
“When someone else owns your dream:
It will not have the right fit
It will be a weight on your shoulders
it will drain your energy
It will put you to sleep
It will take you out of your strength zone
It will be fulfilling to others
It will require others to make you do it

When you own YOUR dream:
It will feel right on you
It will provide wings to your spirit
It will fire you up
It will keep you up at night
It will take you out of your comfort zone
It will be fulfilling to you
You will feel you were made to do it”

I will share another experience of mine regarding MY dream.  When I was younger (early teens) I had a trauma in my life that nearly kept me from ever pursuing any dreams ever.  My dream was to be an actress and singer on Broadway.  I actually used Brooke Shields as my motivator.  I loved her acting style and loved her hair.  LOL.  But then after the trauma, I let go of my dream to be an actress because I had been stripped of any positive thoughts and good in my life.  At the age of 15, I got pregnant.  While pregnant my parents convinced me that if I kept my son and raised him that I would never have a good life.  I was ruining my life.  I would never be able to go to college, never be able to be an actress, never be able to find a ‘good man’ who would marry me, because I had a son out of wedlock.  I love my parents.  I know they loved me.  They were doing their best with what they had.  They wanted me to have the best life I could have and they saw me keeping my baby to raise as my own as a hard life and one I could never pursue my dreams if I kept him.

Of course once he got here, they loved him to pieces.  My dad would want to spend weekends with him, and helped support me and him financially so that we had food and diapers, etc.  My mom would spoil him relentlessly as grandparents do.

Because of the words spoken over me and received into my heart, I was crippled for a long time believing the lie that I could never pursue my dreams.  I could never go to college or marry a ‘good man’.  I dated the worst guys because I didn’t think I deserved anything better.  I should just be happy they paid attention to me at all.

Then the day came that I met my husband Chip.  From the first day I met him, he encouraged me, told me how beautiful I am, how smart I am and how I can do anything I set my mind to.  Of course I didn’t believe him at first.  He was just being ‘nice’ to me.


My dreams did change, though I do still love acting.  It is no longer my pursuit or a dream, though to be on Broadway would be cool. 🙂

I found my strengths and what really burns as a fire within me is leadership.  It started when a company put me in project management based on an academic test they gave me.  I found I LOVE IT!!! I’ve been a project manager for 15 years and I still love it!

It became my dream to be an e-commerce project manager.  I achieved that goal.
It became my dream to reach a certain salary.  I achieved that goal!
It is my dream to be a manager of project managers.  That dream is in progress.  🙂
It is my dream to help women who have low self-esteem, low confidence levels to BE MORE! To help them realize they were created for greatness! That is a dream in progress as well. 🙂
It is my dream to own a bed and breakfast in Scotland and have Ceilidh’s every weekend for our guests.
It is my dream to coach other project managers, stretching them, helping them reach a higher potential.
It is my dream to coach businesses to be more, stretching them, helping them reach a higher potential.


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