Put Your Dream to the Test – DREAM VISION

Part 6 is all about the vision of your dream.  Do you have a vision for your dream?  If not, you need to get one. 🙂

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

You may or may not believe in God or have walked away from Him, but truth is still truth.  Where there is no vision man will perish.

You can have a dream, but it will go no where if you don’t have a vision for it.  In John Maxwell’s book Put Your Dream to the Test, he tells a story about a friend of his who had a dream and before he could put a strategy in place for it, made sure he had a vision for it.

Do you see your dream?  What do you see?

Based on your vision for your dream, create a Vision Statement.  These statements should be positive in nature, should look into the future and state what is even though it is not yet seen.  State it as though it is!

Vision gives your dream focus.  You have a dream, but is it without a vision?  Just a dream.  You cannot create the path to your dream until you have a vision for your dream.

In John Maxwell’s book, the key that his friend Mike stated is “…focus on what rather than the how”

The what is priority over how when it comes to making your dream come to life.  Are you compelled by your dream?  If not, why not?  If you are not compelled by it, how can you expect anyone else to be?  This is where the vision of your dream comes to life and brings focus into what you want to accomplish.

John Maxwell uses this example in his book, “Pursuing a dream that isn’t clear would be like someone who loves cowboy movies launching out on a trip to the Western United States merely hoping to run into something interesting by driving in that direction. Instead, the person would need to turn that vague notion into specifics, saying something like, ‘I want to visit the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, then travel to Arizona to see the O.K. Corral in Tombstone, visit Old Tucson to see where they filmed Rio Bravo, my favorite Western, and see beautiful Monument Valley, where movies such as Stagecoach and Once upon a Time in the West were filmed'”

The example above shows us exactly how we can take our dream and cast the vision for it.  What is your dream? How can you visualize it?  This is the next important step to take to test your dream and put it into action.  If you don’t have a compelling vision, your dream is going no where.

I will give you my experience with my dream.  Once I realized project management was the place for me to be, it became my dream to be an e-commerce project manager.  I researched places that hired e-commerce project managers, researched salaries for e-commerce project managers and then pursued being an e-commerce project manager.  I mapped out my plan and followed it and reached my dream.

I have another dream to be a coach for project managers.  What I need now is my vision statement of what that will look like.  Once I have the vision behind it, I can create the strategy to get there.  Until I know what my dream is specifically, I’m not ready to pursue it.  This one is a work in progress for me.

I have other dreams as well that need vision statements.  That is why John Maxwell’s book is so awesome.  He helps me figure out how I can reach my dreams or even if my dreams are my dreams to reach.

Once you have a dream and you’ve answered the ownership question the next step is creating the vision for it.

In John Maxwell’s book he gives examples of the difference between a general idea and a specific goal:
General Idea                                                   Specific Goal
I want to lose weight.                                       I will weigh 185 pounds by June 1
I want to treat employees better                    I will honor someone at every Monday staff meeting
I want to get out of debt                                   I will pay off all credit card balances by December 31
I’d like to learn a new language                   I will study Chinese one hour a day this year
I ought to get in shape                                    I will swim an hour every day
I need to improve my leadership                   I will read one leadership book every month

These are examples between vague general ideas and specific goals.

If you need help determining your vision and creating your vision statement, I’m here to help.  Reach out to me via email
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