Put Your Dream to the Test – MAKE THE PLAN

You have a dream and then reality hits! I said in an earlier blog if you dream it, you can vision it, you can plan it, you can achieve it.  However, there is reality and your dream and reality have to meet!  For instance, I love everything about the skies and flying.  I would love to sprout wings and fly! It’s a dream of mine! Will it ever come true?  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO because humans don’t grow wings and fly.  I could hang glide or sky dive, but I can’t ever grow wings and fly.

This blog is about bringing reality into your dream.  John Maxwell uses the analogy of American Idol and how people audition for the show to become a star and they’ve never sang in public in their life! They may not even be able to carry a tune.  Is it their dream to become a star? YES! Are they committed in their dream? YES! Will it come true?  Probably not.

When you are in the beginning stages of your dream, DREAM BIG!!! There is nothing wrong with brainstorming and thinking outside the box and making it BIG! However, once you’ve confirmed it’s YOUR dream and cast a VISION around it, it’s now time to strategize HOW you will get there.

How WILL you get there?  By a wing and a prayer?  NOOOOOOOO! Your dream will only start to breath life when you have a plan and start to work the plan.

This is where my project management skills START singing! LOL.  Without a plan man perishes.  When I have a new  project and we have a design for what we want to do, we now need a plan of what tasks come first, what tasks are dependent upon other tasks and how long we THINK they will take to complete.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this part of project management! This is where I excel! LOL.  I get excited about it!

So you have a dream, it’s yours and you have a vision.  What now?  Do you know what your next steps are?  Do you need to research to see what your next steps should be?  Talk to very close friends who believe and support in your dream for advise?  All of these are good ways to get started.

Map it out.  When you go on a vacation, do you just jump in the car and hope you have a good time and not have a destination in mind when you pull out of the driveway?  If you are me, that is not even an option!  There are times when it’s nice to spontaneously do something and have no plans around it, but those days are VERY RARE indeed and they can only happen if my husband has the plan and I don’t know what it is.  There is still a plan.  LOL.

When I was a teenager and acting crazy (I won’t even tell you how bad I was), a group of about 4 or 5 of us jumped in a car and headed to Oklahoma.  No destination in mind, just drive to go somewhere.  We ended up driving into Oklahoma City and then turned around and came back home.  We had no plan, no destination and therefore we accomplished nothing.  Oh, well, I did get in A LOT of trouble for being out until 3am since it took us 6 hours round trip to drive it.


I’ve talked about this before, but when I was a new project manager, I set my course for where I wanted to be and made a plan how I would get there.  It wasn’t easy to ride the wave so to speak, even when I had a plan, it was hard work to get where I wanted to go.  You want to reach your dream you will have to work hard and have a plan.

I was a project manager for about 10 years and I started thinking that I really wanted to do something that helped other people.  I started praying for God to reveal to me my next assignment.  While I was trying to figure out what my next step would be, I continued to be the best project manager I could be.  In November 2009, I attended a Women in Project Management conference.  What I came to notice is that most of the speakers were ‘coaches’ of some sort.  I had never heard of professional coaches before outside of professional/college/school sports type stuff.  I was amazed! I wrote down tons of notes on what God was downloading to me.  I HAD A NEW DREAM!!! I wanted to be a coach and help other people realize they have a higher potential!

What if I had never done anything with my new dream of being a coach?  What if I had said, well I dream of being a coach someday and never did anything about it?  I would be no closer to my dream than the day I first realized my dream.

You know you have a dream when it’s something you are passionate about, that you can’t stop talking about and that you would do even if you never got paid for it.

I was SO SO SO excited! Again, like the day I realized project management was one of my giftings, I talked about it so much at home that I’m sure my family got tired of hearing about it.  I talked about with my close friends, confidants and mentors.  Did I have a plan?  NO NOT YET! I was still forming the dream.  Then I had to have a vision around it.  Could I see my dream?  YES! Did I know HOW I would get there?  NO not yet.

I was in my 3rd year of college and couldn’t really commit to a new training program until I completed my undergraduate work.  I knew this, but I also knew I had a new dream and a passion to see it come to realization!

I finished college, 4.0 GPA Suma Cum Laude, this for a girl who thought she was stupid and wasn’t smart enough to go to college, EVER. I learned I might be a little smart. 😉

In the last months before I finished college, I started researching coaching training programs.  I learned just like college programs, different schools have different programs taught in various ways.  I found what I deemed the perfect training program for me through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC) http://ipeccoaching.com.  They have 4 modules in person over a 3 day weekend (30 hours) in 4 separate weekends.  You are part of a group and have a peer coach and you become a peer coach to practice the coaching methods they teach.  You are assigned a mentor for you to ‘coach’ and they provide constructive feedback for you to improve and grow as a coach.  They have teleclasses each week for 20 weeks (I think it’s 20, might be more).  Once you complete the modules, peer coaching and teleclasses, you take a written test (at the 3rd module) and then you have a verbal test where you ‘coach’ the adminstrator of the test and you’re given a grade and feedback based on your coaching abilities. Once you graduate, you are now a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through IPEC.  I also completed the Energy Leadership training and I’m certified as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practioner (ELI-MP).

I also have my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification as well as my BS degree.

So if I put all these acronyms behind my name, you might be very impressed. Kelli Conrad, BS, PMP, CPC, ELI-MP ?  Maybe not. 🙂 Not too shabby for someone who is a high-school drop out who had a child at the age of 16 out of wedlock.  You are only limited by yourself.  DREAM BIG! REACH HIGHER! Shake off the negative things that were said about you in the past!

I’m still working as a project manager at a corporation.  My DREAM is to have a full-time business coaching businesses, women and men to reach a higher potential.  I’m currently building my dream.

Part of it are these blogs.  Part of it is my Facebook page.  Part of it is my coming website.  Part of it is starting workshops, teleclasses, webinars and more!  One step at a time. 🙂 Small steps. I will get there!

The key here is to have a plan and work the plan.  Achievable goals! Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself.  You only set yourself up for failure, then disappointment.  If you set small achievable goals, you can celebrate small wins and keep moving forward!

If you need help putting a plan together, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE planning and would LOVE the opportunity to work with you on your plan to achieve your dreams.

Contact me at kelli.conrad@ymail.com or my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PowerHouseEnterprises