Today is my 14th anniversary with my amazing wonderful gorgeous husband.  Fourteen years may seem like a long time, but to me the years have flown by.

Two years ago, I thought our marriage was over.  Done. Finished. Complete. Dead.

You see I lost focus of my bestfriend and my soulmate because of other things I wasn’t happy within our marriage.

I almost ruined everything that was good in my life.  I had given up on God, given up on my husband, given up on our marriage and was ready to turn from it all.

Let me tell you, my husband NEVER GAVE UP NEVER GAVE IN AND NEVER LET GO OF HIS FAITH! Even while I didn’t believe and was planning to file for divorce, he held strong that God would save our marriage.  I’m so THANKFUL AND GRATEFUL and I will never be able to repay my husband for what I put him through during that year.

God is faithful! God is true! God will fulfill His promises in you!

Today with prayer support from friends and family and our life fully centered on God, we are fully restored and stronger than we have ever been as a couple.  Never again will I let temptation and evil into our home, our lives and our marriage.

We put on our full armor of God every day, we pray together every morning and speak life and destiny over each other, our children and our parents.  We pray for our territories to be expanded and our influence to be increased.  We pray for angels to assist us by protecting us from evil and going before us to prepare the way, remove any obstacles and illuminate the path.  We pray for our hearts to be pure and that we can be the light that God has called us to be that day!  We pray for the doors to opened that need to be opened and the ones shut that need to be shut.  We know that God is for us and not against us!

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