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Put Your Dream to the Test – REACH FOR YOUR DREAM!

Are you willing to do what it takes to reach your dream?  Do you have the potential to see your dream realized?  How far are you willing to go to reach it?

Successful people are not necessarily the ‘luckiest ones’ or ‘super  smart’.  Though being smart helps. 😉 It is the ones willing to put in their sweat and tears into their dreams and goals to see them achieved.  To reach the top of the mountain and say I DID IT! I DID IT! I REACHED THE TOP!

Beethoven was told he was a horrible conductor.  He continued to put 100% effort into conducting because that’s what he wanted to do.  He was terrible at it so the story goes.  Then he sat down to compose.  He found his dream!  He put everything he had into composing and became one of the best composers of all time. At least he is one of the best in my opinion. 🙂 He didn’t get there by hoping his dream would come true.  He got there by hard work and realizing his potential.

What is your strategy to reach your dream? Are you just living day to day ‘HOPING’ something good will come your way and you’ll magically be living the life you’ve always dreamed of?

How will you get there?  Map it out.  Just like you do when you plan a vacation to go on a trip.  Get people involved who support your dream, who will encourage you, who believes in you.  I believe in your dream! You can do what you set out to accomplish!

If you think you will accomplish nothing, that is exactly what you will get! NOTHING!

You have to make the transition from dreamer to implementer.  Sometimes you need help to do that.  You need someone who can help you map it out with you.

This is interesting.  John Maxwell’s book Put Your Dream to the Test there is a statistic published in 2005 by ThinkTQ.  It illustrates how infrequently people develop strategies for achieving their dreams.

26% focus on specific, tangible targets for what they want in life

19% set goals aligned with their purpose, mission and passion

15% write down all their goals in specific measurable detail

12% identify related daily, weekly and long-term goals with deadlines

7% take daily action toward the attainment of at least one goal

If you want to reach your dreams, YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN OF ACTION!!! What is your plan? What do you need to do first?  Research your dream? Find out what skills you need to achieve your dream? DO THAT!

You need to know where you are starting and where you are going (your dream). Then produce a map of HOW you will get there.  Seem easy? It’s not!  It takes focus, dedication and hard work to plan it out and follow it.

You need to talk to others about your dream as though it is already achieved.  Speak it into the atmosphere! If you don’t believe in your dream, why would anyone else?

What does your dream look like?  When I was in coaching training one of the activities they had us do was to tell a 60 second ‘elevator’ speech on where we would be in 1 year.  We had to walk around the room and tell others of how we are doing in our coaching business 1 year into the future.  It was very interesting and a little nerve wracking.  You get the picture.  You need to see what it will look like when you reach your dream/goal.

An example of mapping out your dream is this:

I wanted a college degree.  I was constantly being judged at the company I worked for as ‘high meets’ and couldn’t achieve ‘exceeds’ because I didn’t have a college degree and wasn’t able to ‘compete’ with my co-workers who did have a degree.  Now, there is an argument there that I won’t get into here regarding being judged based on MY performance and not comparing me to others in the company, but that’s not for this post. LOL.

So my overall dream was to complete my Bachelor degree.  First I had to find where did I want to go to college?  What kind of college? How much could I spend? etc.

I chose my school, and created a project plan or a task list of all the courses I needed to take with the credit hours associated.  I tracked that as I went through the classes.  However, I’m very task oriented and NEED  sense of accomplishment as I go along.

SO I created another plan for each class at the beginning of the class that included the syllabus, the requirements for the class, the grades associated, etc.  This way I was able to see my progress as I went through the class.  I was able to ‘check off’ as I went along.  YES YES I AM A CHECKER OFFER type person.  I LOVE TO CHECK ON MY LISTS! Makes me feel productive.

So I had my small accomplishments through the class and then at the end of each class, I was able to mark off a milestone of completion for that class.

I was excited to mark off the last class when I completed my degree! I HAD ACCOMPLISHED MY DREAM! And of course I’m an overachiever, so I had to do with 4.0 GPA graduating Suma Cum Laude.  I didn’t even know what Suma Cum Laude meant.  I was just excited I had gotten straight A’s in ALL my classes.

Especially because I didn’t even think I could pass a class, but my desire to achieve overcame my fear of failure.  I am a high school drop out.  Finished 1/2 way through my junior year because I had a baby out of wedlock at age 16.  I got my GED in 1988 and was told I would have graduated in the top 20% of my class based on my scores.  I didn’t know what that meant either.

I didn’t think I was very smart because I didn’t finish high school.  I never stopped to think that I had the ability to gain the knowledge I needed and be able to understand how to apply it.

If someone has been telling you that you can’t achieve your dream, STOP LISTENING TO THEM!!! Do you want to achieve your dream? See it come to life? Then find those who will support you and encourage you in your dream.

Do something every day that relates to your dream.  My dream is to see people realize they have a higher potential and see them live their dream! Every day I do something related to helping others, encouraging others, leading others, collaborating so that I can reach MY DREAM.

WHAT CAN YOU DO TOWARDS REACHING YOUR DREAM? DO THAT!!! Every step you take toward your dream is a step closer to reaching your dream.  I want to see you reach your dream.

In John Maxwell’s book he asks:


As you consider your strategy for reaching your dreams, use the acronym SECURE to help you with the planning process:

S – state all your positions – What is your starting point? What is your ending point? What steps do you expect to lie between?

E – examine all your actions: What actions must you take every day to get closer to your dream?

C – consider all your options: What parts of your strategy are you willing to alter to move forward?

U – utilize all your resources: What resources do you have at your disposal? (list everything you can think of)

R – remove all nonessentials: What activities are you currently engaged in that do not contribute to the journey toward your dream?

E – embrace all your challenges: What problems, obstacles, and failures do you expect to face in your dream journey? What can you do to avoid what may be avoidable? What can you do to prepare yourself to meet your challenges? What must you do to prepare yourself for failure?

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