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Put Your Dream to the Test – DREAM TEAM

Have you included the people you need to realize your dream? (question from John Maxwell book)

Andrew Carnegie “It marks a big step in your development when you come to realize that other people can help you do a better job than you can do alone.”

I’ve mentioned this before how you need to have the right people in your life to help you achieve your dreams.  I would not be where I am today without my husband Chip encouraging me, supporting me and telling me that I can do it!  If your spouse isn’t in the position to provide the encouragement and support, then I suggest you find a friend, mentor, coach, pastor, manager, someone who can. Everyone needs that someone in their life, pushing them, stretching them beyond what they think they are capable of so that you can reach the next level.

I tend to push myself beyond my limits because I feel like I lost so many years just floating through life that I have a lot to make up for. 🙂 I’m more relentless on myself than anyone else.  But I have my husband to encourage me when I feel overwhelmed, when I start to think that I can’t make it, and he is there telling me that I can, that I am smart enough, that I do have something to offer others.

Who is that someone in your life?  If you don’t know, then you need to find someone. 🙂

Hire a coach or a mentor.  Talk to a friend. Get someone you can be held accountable to for your dreams, strategies and goals.

Who is on your dream team?

John Maxwell has a list in his book of his dream team:

My team makes me better than I am.

My team multiplies my value to others.

My team enables me to help others do their best.

My team gives me more time.

My team provides me with companionship.

My team helps me fulfill the desires of my heart.

My team compounds my vision and effort.

My team empowers me to realize my dream.

Also in his  book, he says:

  • Some people have a dream but no team – their dream is impossible
  • Some people have a dream but a bad team – their dream is a nightmare
  • Some people have a dream and are building a team – their dream has potential
  • Some people have a dream and a great team – their dream is inevitable.

It’s not enough to have a dream.  You must also have a dream team!Walt Kallestad gave this acrostic identifying the qualities of individuals who should be on someone’s dream team.

D – dare to focus on your significance, not simply on your success

R – respond to your ideas with respect, not disgust or contempt

E – expect the best

A – affirm your talents and abilities

M – maximize learning and growth opportunities to improve the dream and the dreamer

T – take time to give honest feedback

E – encourage you unconditionally and nonjudgementally to help you persevere

A – accept only excellence, since mediocrity kills dreams

M – make the most of your mistakes and failures

Does your dream team include people who inspire you?  Does your dream team include people who are honest with you? Does your dream team include people whose skills complement mine?

These are questions that will help you determine the qualities you need on your dream team.

How do you recruit your team?  You have to share your vision.  People have to buy into your vision and believe in your vision.  If they don’t they won’t be able to support your dream.

John Maxwell says “To communicate with people and connect them effectively with your dream, you need to do it logically, emotionally and visually.”