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Put Your Dream to the Test – PRICE TAG


Dreams are not easy to reach.  They are out of reach and require each one of us to personally pursue and pour ourselves into in order to reach the destiny of our dreams.  How much are you willing to put into it?  That’s what you will get out of it.

If you half-heartedly apply yourself to your dreams, then you will half-way get there.  Are you ALL IN? Or will you fold?

Most people aren’t willing to go the extra mile, to run the race, to complete their destiny, their dreams.  Most people look at what they think it will take and decide ‘oh it’s too hard’ or ‘I’ll never get there’ or whatever their fear is that overtakes their passion to succeed.

My husband Chip has been reading through my posts and helping me improve my writing skills.  He has been impacted by these blogs and our lives are changing once again for the better. =) I’ve asked his permission to share his story that he shared with me.  I’ve heard this story before, but after all we’ve been through as a married couple and how this book is impacting my life and how these blogs have come about, it made the story different somehow.  Better. Sweeter. More amazing.

The company Chip was working at when we were dating sent him on a team building experience.  He went somewhere in South Texas to a place in the woods for this experience.  There were lots of team building events they did and there are stories behind those too.  But today, I want to tell his story of us.

A little background first.  At the time I was a single mom with 3 children.  My ex-husband was difficult at best and my life was a little chaotic.  That’s putting it mildly.  I had a hard time understanding why a single good-looking guy would be interested in me with all the problems I had.  And I had a lot of problems.  However, Chip was interested in me and after a long friendship I finally agreed to go on a date with him.  After that we knew we were for each other and dated for another 2 years.  I still am sometimes baffled by his love for me.

So Chip is at this team building event and one of the opportunities he had was to climb a 45 foot pole and jump off of it reach out and grab this brass ring that was attached to a string of some sort.  You couldn’t just reach out from the pole to get the brass ring.  You had to give it all you had, jump off and reach for the ring.  A LEAP OF FAITH. They told Chip that he should think of something he wanted to reach a dream, a goal and think about this dream and how much he wanted it before he jumped.  Then when he jumped how far he jumped and whether or not he was able to reach the brass ring would determine his passion for his dream.  WOW!

He is a much better story teller than I am and when he tells the story he is compelling.  I was in tears hearing his story of how much he loves me and how much faith he has in our relationship.

So, Chip’s dream was me and the boys.  Everyone he knew told him he was crazy for wanting to marry me being a single mom with 3 boys and a difficult ex-husband to deal with.  Chip was not swayed by anything anyone said.  He knew what he wanted and he knew what he wanted to be.  He wanted to be a great husband to me and a great dad to our boys.  That was his dream.  His goal. His prize.  He climbed the 45 ft pole praying the entire time asking God if this is what he was supposed to do that God would make a way, would give him the strength to face all our trials and give him the faith he needed for our family.  That was his dream.  All the way to the top he prayed.  Standing on the top of that pole and please visualize a 45 ft telephone pole.  The circumference is not that big.  It is not big enough to have both feet on the pole at the same time.  Very small area.  He stood at the top of the pole and prayed.  He leaped with all his might, with all his strength and with all his faith, giving everything he had in that moment to HIS DREAM.  He reached the brass ring and has it still today.  He knew without a shadow of a doubt that we were meant for each other, we were meant to be together and we would face whatever came our way with God in the center of us.  He has never wavered his faith and never wavered when things get rough.  He was willing to pay whatever the cost to reach his dream.  And he did. He was willing to give up his life as a single male to become a husband and instant dad to 3 young boys.  Our needs and desires always come above his.  He always will drop whatever he is doing to assist me.  If he knows something will make me happy, he does that!

This story is so compelling to me.  My heart swells with how much Chip loves me.

This is an amazing example of someone willing to pay the cost to reach their dream.

What is your dream? What are you willing to pay to reach your dream?  Or give up? Or sacrifice?

John Maxwell states in his book ‘Put Your Dream to the Test’ “Every journey toward a dream is personal, and as a result, so is the price that must be paid for it.” He also states “At some point, you have to make a transition from believer of the dream to buyer of the dream. No dream comes true without somebody paying for it.” “Dream believers are in abundance. Dream buyers are rare.”

What will you pay? You have to do more than imagine your dream. Your journey towards your dream will cost you something. Dreaming is free.  Reaching your dream is not.

Have you ever heard anyone say “REACHING MY DREAM WAS THE EASIEST THING I’VE EVER DONE”? That’s because reaching dreams is HARD WORK!

John Maxwell states “It is possible to pay too much for your dream” and by this he means he has seen people who will give up their core values and beliefs to reach their dreams.  There are some things you should not give up in order to reach your dream.  Your values, your family, your health are not worth giving up reaching your dream.  Don’t let your dream dictate your values. 

Sometimes the cost is too high to reach your dreams.  Only you can determine what those costs are.

However, I will say that you do have to leave the comfort zone in order to reach your dreams.  It will cost you to let go of your comfort.  To stretch beyond what you think you are capable of.  Overcoming your fears helps you leave your comfort zone.  Moving forward, through and past your fears brings you closer to your dream.  It will cost you personally in that regard to let go of that fear that holds you back.

If you need someone to talk to you to help you formulate your plan and to help you get past any blocks to start moving toward your dream, please contact me or on my Facebook page

Make it a beautiful day and GO FOR YOUR DREAMS!