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Put Your Dream to the Test – BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

This is the 3rd to last post in this series.  We’ll be wrapping it up.  I hope these posts have been helpful to you to help you realize your dream.

What are you are doing to move towards your dreams and goals? Every day you should be doing SOMETHING towards them.  H. Jackson Brown states “Rule #1 take one more step. Rule #2 When you can’t take one more step, refer to Rule #1.”

What steps are you taking to reach your dreams?  If you aren’t, then now is a good time to start. 🙂

Do your dreams seem so far away that you can’t reach them and give up trying?  Be tenacious, never give up! Each move you make toward your dream is one step closer to reaching it!

You can do it! I believe in you!

If you want to reach your dream, you HAVE to be tenacious because things will get tough and you have to decide if you are tougher than any circumstance thrown your way.  Will you hang on to your dream even when it seems impossible?  Will you push through any trial to come out successful on the other side?

John  Maxwell states in his book “Put Your Dream to the Test” The only guarantee for failure is to stop trying.

John talks about our lower self who tries to defeat our dreams and our higher self who esteems that we can reach our dreams.  Which self are you listening to?

John states:

 “Our lower self says, ‘Not enough people believe in you. You’ll never make it.’”

“Our greater self says, ‘My belief in myself is enough; I can make it.’”


“Our lower self says, “It’s taking too long to realize your dream.’”

“Our greater self says, ‘Dreams are realized one day at a time.’”


“Our lower self says, ‘Enough is enough! You’ve taken enough hits.’”

“Our greater self says, ‘I’ve come too far to give up now.’”


“Our lower self says, ‘You don’t have the strength to hold on to your dream.’”

“Our greater self says, ‘Hold on a little longer; the darkest hour is just before the dawn.’”


John Maxwell writes, “To move closer to your dream…improve your vocabulary”

He has a table of ‘can’t’ and ‘can do’


We’ve never done it before

We don’t have the resources

There’s not enough time

We already tried that

It’s a waste of time

We don’t have the expertise

Our vendors won’t go for it

We don’t have enough money

We’re understaffed

We don’t have the equipment

It’ll never get any better

Let somebody else deal with it

It’s too radical

Our customers won’t buy it

It’s not my job

I can’t!


We have the opportunity to be first

Necessity fuels invention

We’ll change how we work

We learned from the experience

Think of the possibilities

Let’s network with those who do

Let’s show them the opportunities

Maybe there’s something we can cut

We’re a lean, hungry team

Maybe we can sub it out

We’ll try one more time

I’m ready to learn something new

Let’s take a chance

They love it when they understand it

I’ll be glad to take the responsibility

Yes I can!

My mom used to say to me all the time “CAN’T NEVER COULD” and it’s so true.

Tell yourself you can!  Believe in yourself! Don’t give up!

Use the Rule of Five that Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield’s Chicken Soup for the Soul authors did.  This means doing 5 things toward your dream every day.  In their case they would have 5 radio interviews or send out 5 review copies to editors, or call 5 network marketing companies or send out 5 copies to celebrities.  Other things they did were making phone calls to people who could review the book, wrote press releases, called into talk shows, gave away free copies at our talks, sent them to ministers to use as a source of talks for their sermons, gave free talks at churches, did book signings at any bookstore that would have us, asked businesses to make bulk purchases for their employees, go the book into the PX’s on military bases, asked fellow speakers to sell the books at their talks, asked seminar companies to put it in their catalogues, we bought a directory of catalogues and asked the appropriate ones to carry the book, we visited gift shops and card shops and asked them to carry the book, we even got gas stations, bakeries and restaurants to sell the book.  It was a lot of effort, a minimum of 5 things every day, day in and day out for over 2 years.

When you think you’ve exhausted all possible avenues, you haven’t.  There is always a possibility of finding the solution to whatever block you find yourself in.  Push through, persevere.

Former heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey said, “A champion is one who gets back up when he can’t.”


If you can’t answer yes, consider this:

Change your thinking

Change your perspective

Change your work habits

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