Put Your Dream to the Test – FULFILLMENT

We have only 2 more posts in this series.  I hope this series has helped you realize you can reach your dreams. 😀

Henry David Thoreau wrote “If one advanced confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

Does working toward your dream bring you satisfaction?  This is key.  You can answer the cost question and the tenacity question, but if you don’t get satisfaction from pursuing your dream, what good is it in the end?

It’s the journey you take while pursuing your dreams that are important.  You change in the process.  The road to your dream is not easy.  You will face hardships.  You will transform.  Who will become through the process?  Will you be better for it?  Or will you be miserable because you get no satisfaction from reaching your goal?

John Maxwell states in his book, Put Your Dream to the Test, “Achieving a dream is about more than just what you accomplish.  It’s about who you become in the process!”

Fulfillment through the journey is being in the moment.  I’m learning how to do this.  I’m so goal/task oriented that I forget to enjoy the journey along the way.  I love to drive fast.  I enjoy it unless there is lots of traffic backing up progress.  Haha!  Now I know, be safe, don’t go over the speed limit, etc.  When I’m in my car with the sunroof open, music pumping and no traffic to hold me back, I enjoy to open up the engine and drive fast.  I am not one of those drivers who weaves in and out of traffic dangerously just trying to get somewhere 2 minutes faster.  I will admit I USED to be that way.  I’m not the driver I used to be.  Hopefully I am a cautious, observant and compassionate driver.  I also only drive 10 minutes to work these days so I have a much less stressful commute and that probably contributes to my better driving skills.

HOWEVER, the point of this story is that now instead of just trying to reach my destination the fastest way possible (I’m a maximizer by creation), I now look at the environment around me.  Maybe it is because of my age and I’ve learned to appreciate a sunny day, cloudless blue skies, gorgeous cloud covers; have you ever considered the clouds?  How they form into the shapes they form?  The different kinds of clouds and their purpose?  My brain gets overwhelmed when I consider it.  I like to look at houses and yards, flowers and beautiful landscaping.  I like to notice families out for a walk, kids on skateboards, etc.  I’m enjoying the moment instead of JUST TRYING TO GET THERE. This in itself is a journey for me.  I am created with task oriented mentality.  It’s part of my make-up, my DNA.  I have to purposefully choose to enjoy the moment.  Because the task will get done.  Will it get done any better because I don’t take time to enjoy the moment?  I don’t think so.  I think that enjoying the moment as I progress toward to my dream is the BEST way to reach my goals.  So now when I drive I’m taking in the WHOLE experience, my surroundings, the skies, the sun, the moon, you get the picture.  I’m also driving slower (only a little) because I can’t enjoy the moment if it’s moving by so fast. 😀

Andrew Carnegie said, “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”

John Maxwell states in his book, “You have the potential to make many wonderful discoveries in the pursuit of your dream. None will be greater than what you discover about yourself.”

Are you enjoying the pursuit of your dream?  Finding joy in the moment of where you are?  If not, why not?  I have good news for you! You can start right here right now! Enjoy where you are! Enjoy where you are going! Enjoy it all along the way! Wherever you find yourself!

From John Maxwell’s book; “Can you answer yes to the fulfillment question? Does working toward my dream bring satisfaction?”

Are you too idealistic?

Is the size of the gap discouraging you?

Have you stopped daily dreaming?

Are you appreciating the small steps forward?

Have you made personal discovery and growth your goal?

If you need help answering these questions or formulating how you can move forward toward your dream, please contact me.  I would love to talk to you about your dreams and goals.

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