Fierce Conversations – 3 WAYS TO BE COURAGEOUS

How courageous are you when it comes to your conversations?  Do you hold back for social etiquette sake?  Or do you plunge forward into the unknown even if it might mean the outcome of the conversation could change the course of your life?


I admit it.  Most of the time I would prefer to stay in my comfort shell, safe from ‘scary’ conversations.  Ones that are meaningful and insightful.  Why do I do this?  Well, for one, sometimes I do not want to face myself or others on a particular topic.  It could be because of something that has happened in the past or if I know that certain someone has strong feelings that are in direct opposition to my feelings, I might not want to venture out into unknown territory where I don’t know what the outcome will be.


I’m finding myself more and more moving into unchartered territory.  I want to have the meaningful conversation even if it means I must face my fears or face something I’ve done in the past.


Usually I will wait until whatever it is that has been bothering me reaches a level that I can no longer ignore the conversation.  I don’t want to be this way.  I want to be the person who is courageous enough to engage in that difficult conversation to bring the relationship to a deeper level than it ever could have been if I had not broached the topic.


Our relationships are all about every conversation we have.  You can’t have a relationship with someone without having some type of communication between each other.  This can apply to professional and personal lives.


Today I’m going to challenge with 3 questions to consider so that you can be more courageous in your conversations which will lead to deeper relationships.  When you are in a conversation, think about these questions.

  1. Ask yourself, is this the truth?  If someone were to tell me the truth, even if it was difficult, how would I respond?

People generally tell you what they think you want to hear.  Either because they fear the outcome if they tell the truth (ugly as it might be) or because they want to manipulate your response and think it is better not to tell the truth.

  1. Think about a time you had a truly deep conversation and someone levelled with you about something.  How satisfied were you when you realized you had a deep meaningful conversation?  How did you feel about that person after the conversation?

We (humans) respond on a deeper level when we have a meaningful conversation whether that is in our personal or professional life.

  1. What is your goal when conversing with people? What kinds of things do you discuss?


The topics you discuss on a regular basis tell everyone you converse what is in your heart.  If you find yourself constantly talking about other people (gossip), consider finding ways to discuss things going on in your life without talking about others.  If you are guilty of this and want to change, consider focusing on the other person and their likes, what’s going on in their life?  You might be surprised how much you find out.

Want to improve your conversations?  Your relationships?  Contact me for a free consultation.


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